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Name of the Song All I Want
SourceGateway Worship YouTube Channel
Artist  Michael Bethany, Leeland Mooring & Levi Smith
TypeEnglish Christian Worship Song
Release Date24 March 2023

All I Want Lyrics in English

Oh God You are my God
I gaze upon You now
I lift my eyes to see
Your glory and Your power
My thirst and one desire
You are better than this life
Your never-ending love
Is all that satisfies

Oh God You are my help
You’ll bring me safely through
Your presence overshadows
And draws me close to You

All I want
All I want
Is to be face to face

My heart my soul my flesh
Cries out for You

When I finally cross over
And my time on earth is done
There every heart will gather
To worship at Your throne
And when I finally cross over
And I hear You say well done
Where saints and angels gather
To worship You alone

YouTube Video Of The Song All I want

All I Want | feat. Michael Bethany | Gateway Worship
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