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वर्ष 2023 में Palm Sunday 2 April को मनाया जा रहा है। Palm Sunday के साथ ही Holy Week की शुरूआत हो जाती है। इस दिन प्रभु येसु ख्रीस्त गधे पर बैठकर Jerusalem नगर में प्रवेश करते है। नगर में प्रवेश करने पर लोग येसु के सम्मान में रास्तें में पेड़ों की डालियाँ बिछा देते हैं, एवं हाथों में डालियाँ ले कर उनकी जयजयकार करते हैं।
खजूर रविवार हमारे लिए एक अवसर है, कि हम अपने सभी बुराइयों को छोड़ कर अपने आत्मा को शुद्ध करें, एवं येसु मसीह के दिखाये गए मार्ग पर चलें।
Palm Sunday के लिए नीचे कुछ Palm Sunday Images और Palm Sunday Quotes दिये गये हैं, जिसे आप अपने प्रियजनों को भेज सकते हैं।

palm sunday picture
May the blessing of the Lord be with you on palm Sunday and always
  • “Today, we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and we celebrate the hope and joy that He brings to our lives.”
  • “Palm Sunday reminds us that even in the midst of suffering and hardship, there is always hope and a reason to rejoice.”
happy palm sunday text with palm leaves as border
Happy Palm Sunday 2023
  • “Let us wave our palm branches high and welcome our Savior into our hearts and homes, as we celebrate the beginning of Holy Week.” [Images of Palm Sunday and Quotes]
  • “May the spirit of Palm Sunday be with us throughout the year, as we strive to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and live lives of love, compassion, and service to others.”
palm sunday wishing image
Wishing you a blessed palm Sunday filled with joy, peace, and hope.
  • Palm Sunday is a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness and humility can lead to great things in God’s kingdom.” [Palm Sunday Image With Quotes]
  • “As we wave our palm branches, let us also lay down our fears, our doubts, and our worries at the feet of Jesus, and trust in His unfailing love and mercy.”
have a blessed palm sunday image
Have a blessed palm Sunday
  • “Let us walk alongside Jesus on His journey to the cross, and be inspired by His courage, His selflessness, and His unwavering commitment to doing the will of His Father.”
  • “Palm Sunday is a reminder that we are called to serve others, just as Jesus came to serve us.” –
have a blessed palm sunday image
Have a blessed Palm Sunday
  • “The palms we wave today remind us that Jesus is the king who conquers with love and humility.”
  • “May the spirit of Palm Sunday be with us always, reminding us to follow in the footsteps of our Lord with love and compassion.” [Palm Sunday Images for 2023]
photo of palm sunday
Happy Palm Sunday 2023
  • “May this Palm Sunday be a time of renewal and recommitment to our faith, as we reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and the abundant blessings that He continues to bestow upon us.”
images of palm sunday
Have a Blessed Palm Sunday 2023
  • “The donkey symbolizes the humility of Jesus. The palm branches symbolize victory. We need both in our lives.” [Palm Sunday Image With Quotes]
  • “Let us go forth in peace, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit, singing Hosanna to the Son of David!”
images of palm sunday
Palm Sunday 2023
  • “Palm Sunday is a time to reflect on the journey of Jesus to the cross and the sacrifice he made for us.” [Palm Sunday Quotes 2023]
  • “Let us celebrate this Palm Sunday with a spirit of joy and gratitude, for we have been given the gift of salvation through Christ.”
image of palm sunday
Palm Sunday 2023
  • “Palm Sunday is a time to renew our commitment to follow Jesus, to carry our own crosses, and to serve others with love.” [Palm Sunday Quotes]
photo palm sunday
Palm Sunday Image

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